The Only Self Serve Wine Bar in The Area

80 wines on tap for self service tastings. 

Beer, canned cocktails, seltzers and more. 

Small plate food and charcuterie platters. 

Come on in and give us a try.


Don Jaros and Neal Hummitsch have been friends, neighbors, entrepreneurs, and business partners in the restaurant industry for the last 23 years. They have combined restaurant experience of over 60 years. 

NealHummitsch of sip wine bar in downtown tinley park DonJaros of sip wine bar in downtown Tinley Park

Our Story


We were tired of the same old thing and looking for something different. We were discussing how Tinley Park has had so many awesome breweries opening up, but there have not been so many wine options. So we thought, “How about a wine bar?”


Don found these “wine machines” about 10 years ago on a trip to Italy. They were self-serve machines where the customers could pick their pour size, which allows guests the ability to taste and expand their palate instead of having to buy a bottle or a glass that they may not even like. We both loved the idea. 


So we decided, wine. Which brings us here, sip. Wine Bar!


What about a food menu?

Whenever we get a chance to go out for dinner everything looks so good, and we always feel like we overeat. So with sip. Wine Bar, we decided to stay with small plates of one to two bites each, enough for 2 people to sample. We both love tapas for dinner options. Both of us have been to many wine bars and wanted more then the normal menu of just limited cold plate variety.  


Food Ordering Process

Considering our beverages are self-serve, we decided to try customer tableside ordering. Customers will be able to view menu items, descriptions, and order directly from a smart device. Start out with a few food items, and if you’re still hungry, just place another order.  If you prefer keeping it “old school”, just fill out a paper menu and we will be happy to put in your order for you. 


What about the location?

sip. Wine Bar is located in historic downtown Tinley Park, IL on the busy and popular Oak Park Avenue. Both of us grew up and reside in Tinley Park, so why would we go anywhere else?

We looked around at several properties and decided on the Dini House. With its history, charm, and location, we believe this to be the perfect location! We will be collaborating with Banging Gavel Brews, our new next door neighbors! What a synergy sip. Wine Bar & Banging Gavel have created!


Initially, the location was not big enough for what we wanted. So we added a brand new full service kitchen to the south, a large covered patio in the rear, a wine cellar, an apartment above, and a small patio in front for all those wonderful Oak Park Avenue events!

So please come out and give us a try! We would love for you to experience what we built! May our dream become your go to spot the next time you need a night out! Enjoy every sip.



Don and Neal