At sip. Wine Bar, we strive to provide a relaxed, casual atmosphere. You can be a wine expert or know next to nothing about wines-we won’t judge! We are by no means experts ourselves-rather, we are wine enthusiasts, passionate about the experience, the rich history and stories of the wines, food pairings, and reaching all the senses through wine. 


For centuries, wine has been used in ceremony, celebration, and a way to bring people together. There are vineyards that have been maintained by generations of families, their craft and their legacy passed down. Those vines are rich in familial and regional history, and we hope to introduce you to the stories behind the wines we carry, and the people who produce them.


The process in which wine is made is truly an art form.It takes time, patience,hard work, and some luck. It is produced globally and offers distinct characteristics that are unique to the region where the grapes are grown. We have both international and domestic  wines that you can sample from our wine machines. The wine machines offer 3 sizes of pours, allowing you to dispense a taste, half pour, or full pour. Take the time to sample a variety-see if you can note the difference between a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a Sauv Blanc from Napa Valley, CA. Step out of your comfort zone and try a different varietal from your usual. Not familiar with a Garnacha? Never heard of a Vouvray? Not sure if you would like a white Bordeaux? Get a sip! When you find something you like, commit to a full pour or even a bottle! 


We also wanted to incorporate some really good food with our wine offerings. The pairing of food and wine can be magical. The flavors play off each other and can really enhance the dining experience. In collaboration with our chef, we have developed some pretty stellar appetizers and sharing plates. We have selected quality meats and cheeses for our charcuterie boards and cheese plates. Go with our selections or build your own! 


We hope that you will have fun at sip- discover wines you like, and yes, there will be ones you don’t like-that’s okay! And if you don’t like wines, we have a variety of craft beers (with a focus on local breweries), canned cocktails, ciders, seltzers, and non-alcoholic drinks. Enjoy!