Non-Alcoholic Drink Menu

Self Serve  - Dine-in or Carryout  

$1.19 each Juice Box, Individual
4 oz fruit punch juice box
$1.29 each Pineapple Juice, Individual
Pineapple is as delicious to drink as it is to eat. Pop open a can to enjoy a burst of naturally sweet, tropical 100% pineapple juice with every sip.
$2.69 each Coffee, Single Cup
Dark Italian Roast. Dine-in only
$2.69 each Decaf Coffee, Single Cup
Dine-in only
$5.80 each Wellbeing Intentional IPA N/A
Delivers the distinctly and delightfully bitter characteristics of Mosaic and Citra hops, refreshingly punctuated with pineapple and peach notes. This sessionable IPA offers a full-flavored, alcohol-free experience for any intentional occasion.
$5.20 each Raspberry Gose-Bravus NA
Our super-approachable Raspberry Gose has a very, very small amount of pink salt added to balance some of the sweetness of the raspberries (you barely notice it). The result? A super light & refreshing easy-drinker with a wonderful raspberry tartness!
$4.50 each Hibiscus Pomegrante NA Avec
Mixed with pomegranate and spices, hibiscus creates a wonderfully sweet, slightly sour and deep pink liquid as pretty as it is tasty. Drink as is or add to your favorite libation.
$9.99 each Otto CBD Pineapple
Otto perfected his famous cider recipe when he added just the right amount of Hemp CBD. Lightly hopped, Otto’s is made from Washington’s finest organic apples. And with no alcohol, gluten, or THC, Otto’s is perfect for those times you are ready to kick back and sip a tasty cider. This Otto’s Pineapple Passion Fruit adds in phenomenal exotic flavors on top of the hops and apple for a truly delicious experience!
$5.99 each Dry Secco Gruvi
Delicate, floral and semi-dry with a touch of tartness, this alcohol-free sparkling wine is popular for a reason. No regrets.
$5.99 each Bubbly Rose Gruvi
Fruity on the nose. Tiny, effervescent bubbles compliment notes of tart, green apple and fresh strawberry.
$5.99 each Dry Red Blend Gruvi
This dry red blend wine is full-bodied, fruity and bold. Everything you want in a red wine, it makes a perfect companion to a weeknight steak dinner or rich chocolate dessert, with none of the hangover in the morning.
$6.99 each Mojito Clever
An infusion of two types of mint: sweet mint and peppermint. This combination imparts the mint flavor without the bitterness.
$2.29 each Unsweetened Iced Tea
Taste iced tea the way it was meant to be: brewed from real tea leaves steeped in water and bottled without adding sugar or color. All so you can enjoy the delicious fresh-brewed taste.
$2.39 each Pepsi
The bold, refreshing, robust cola
$2.39 each Diet Pepsi
The classic soda made with sweet and refreshing flavors, minus the sugar.
$2.39 each Starry
Crisp, refreshing, lemon lime soda
$2.49 each OJ
The perfect combination of taste and nutrition! Tropicana Pure Premium Original is 100% pure orange juice, squeezed from fresh-picked oranges and never from concentrate
$5.99 each UnGin Tonic Greenbar N/A
A non-alcoholic cocktail with real depth and complexity. Bright, zesty and dry, Greenbar UnGin+Tonic packs all of the qualities of a freshly-made G&T into a canned cocktail...skipping the buzz means no compromise. Enjoy it cold or over ice.
$1.20 each LaCroix Pure
LaCroix Sparkling Water is a refreshing and healthy beverage that can be enjoyed in any setting. Each sip of LaCroix Sparkling Water is flavored with the natural essence oils extracted from the named fruit on the can.
$1.00 each Nature's Crystal Water
The body needs water to fuel all your activities. The Nature's Crystal Natural Spring Water is great to quench your thirst when working, playing, or getting the job done! Gluten Free
$2.89 each Peach Sparkling Izze
Peach fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water
$4.75 each Bergoff Rootbeer
A draft style root beer with a rich, creamy taste
$7.50 each Mingle Blood Orange
Sparkling symphony of juicy blood orange with delicate notes of elderflower
$7.50 each Mingle Cranberry
A bubbly blend of cane sugar, crisp cranberry, zesty lime and a splash of natural orange juice
$7.50 each Mingle Blackberry
Savor the crisp effervescence as each sip of our non-alcoholic Bellini unveils a harmonious blend of ripe blackberry juice, delicate hibiscus, and cane sugar
$7.50 each Mingle Cucumber Melon
A bubbly blend of cool cucumber, juicy melon and a hint of mint.
$7.50 each Mingle Key Lime Marg.
A sparking blend of crisp zesty lime and a splash of natural orange juice for a citrusy sweet experience we all crave